Globally Port


Do you want to set up your own website and sell? You will start your competition ahead with Globally Port Academy. Would you like to set up your own B2B site without missing industry and product specific trainings?

Online Export

The era of shop-to-shop is over. Everyone is Online Now! You can sell products to the world over the Internet or find buyers for your product. In e-export, independence means profit.

Finding Customers

The virtual world provides great convenience in terms of finding customers. No expense, no travel, no need for diction training! You can find customers with a single click.

Safe Transport

You can get training to find the best price in land and sea transportation and to send your product to Europe and America at a very affordable price.

Payment methods

Secure both your business and your savings by learning secure payment methods. Learn about letter of credit and blockchain-based payment methods.

Visual Marketing

Visualization is very important for exporting and importing digitally. You can professionalize both your brand and your product by taking corporate identity design training.

Rich Educational Content

With Globally Port Academy, you can get dozens of trainings on foreign trade, digital marketing and sales. Even free training will be enough for success in export.

Foreign Trade Academy

The Globally Port Academy, which we have prepared for people who want to receive export training, is for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business and do e-export. Covid-19 has completely changed the export and import models. Letter of credit payment methods and contactless commerce have become popular.

It’s time to travel country by country to network, especially for travel and advertising expenses. You can find customers and sell your product online. There are many trainings on our foreign trade training page, such as how to find buyers and how to sell products abroad.

Move to digital to keep up with the changing world. It is not possible to compete with old ideas in the new world. It’s time to keep up with innovation and say ‘me too’ in the virtual world.