Manor Lords PS5 Release Date (2024)

Despite the immense anticipation surrounding its release on Steam, Manor Lords currently has no plans for a PlayStation 5 version, and as of 2024, no release date has been announced for the platform.
Manor Lords PS5 Release Date

Manor Lords, an eagerly anticipated PC game, is slated for release on April 26th via Steam. With a staggering 2 million wishlists already amassed from eager Steam players, anticipation for its launch is palpable.

The PlayStation 5 Question

As the release date approaches, many fans wonder: Will Manor Lords also find its way onto the PlayStation 5?

Challenges for a Solo Developer

Manor Lords is the brainchild of Slavic Magic, a solo developer. While its debut on PC is imminent, the prospect of porting the game to consoles, such as the PlayStation 5, presents a significant challenge for the lone creator.

Manor Lords PS5 Release Date (2024)
Manor Lords PS5 Release Date (2024)

A Need for Collaboration

Given the complexities involved, Slavic Magic may require the assistance of a third-party developer to facilitate the transition to consoles. Hooded Horse, the game’s publisher, could potentially play a pivotal role in this endeavor.

Uncertainty Surrounding PS5 Release

Despite the game’s imminent debut on PC and Xbox platforms, there’s currently no indication that Manor Lords is in development for the PlayStation 5.

Potential for Future Expansion

While there’s no concrete plan for a PS5 release at present, it remains within the realm of possibility. Both Slavic Magic and Hooded Horse have remained tight-lipped regarding any future developments.

Publisher’s Response

When approached for comment, Hooded Horse declined to provide specific details regarding a potential PS5 release. However, it reaffirmed its commitment to launching the game on Xbox platforms and Xbox Game Pass.

Current Status: No PS5 Release Planned

For now, Manor Lords will not be making its debut on the PlayStation 5. However, should there be any updates regarding a PS5 release, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Stay Tuned for Updates

As Manor Lords prepares to launch on Steam, eager gamers can stay tuned for further details and updates. Keep an eye out for our comprehensive impressions of the early access build, coming soon.

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