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We Sell Affordable Wholesale Products

Globally Port was established to bring producers and investors together. We introduce fruits, vegetables and pulses products produced in Turkey’s unique agricultural areas to the world. We sell national production products at very reasonable prices, from cleaning materials to plastic products, from industrial products to health and medical products, from frozen products to agricultural products. You can contact us to buy quality products both economically and wholesale.



We make OEM production with partnership agreements with hundreds of companies. As we have contract manufacturing, we obtain both high quality and economically priced products. You can have your own brand if you want. During the pandemic, we made contract manufacturing for brand new brands. We have produced dozens of brands of masks, aprons and stretcher covers from a single factory.



Our production lines are expanding every month.



From Legumes to Cereals, from Home Furniture to Fruits and Vegetables, from windows to agricultural products, we produce all kinds of products ourselves at a very affordable price.

Contact us to get the best quality products at an affordable price.



You can contact us to get all kinds of products from Turkey and the world at a very affordable price. We are the OEM manufacturer. We are the best in Turkey.

Globally Port